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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” — Leonardo da Vinci
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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

My reasoning about death, and what happens after death.

My reasoning about death, and what happens after death.

I have tried my best to understand death, purely through reason, without any religious speculation. And this is the furthest I could go. Here is my theory:

I believe that, after a person's death, the person won't be able to even feel time, until the next rebirth (It doesn't matter what are where the person will be reborn. And it doesn't even have to be in our planet or universe). This statement can be shown by considering that the reality or the mere existence to be infinite years old and have infinite years left. I'm not talking about our universe which has a finite time-scale (or at-least that's what some scientists believe. We cannot conform anything in this ground). Thus, if there was a probability that a person was born today in our planet, there is nothing stopping the same "phenomenon" from repeating (at some point, infinite years from today), thus allowing that person to be born elsewhere, in a different time-scale and universe. That is, the process that was involved in bring a life to this planet, exists and as a result our world is filled with new people everyday. Thus it is only fitting to reason that infinite distance from here, at some point in the infinite time scale, that process is bound to repeat again, with differences . I came to this conclusion, using the same principles we use in reasoning: Empirical evidences are regarded to be 'true' on all cases, thus can be used as a base rule for deriving other rules or simply for verifying the truth of an existing rule. We define gravity to be true, because we observed it to occur, and we are feeling its presence everyday. Thus, if the "phenomenon of being born on this earth" is observable, there is bound to exist a point in the past or in the future or some-other universe, where this is bound to repeat. That is, our awareness exists today, which is itself a proof that it exists, and thus, the process that was involved in causing our "awareness" to start be aware of the surroundings residing inside a human body that makes-up you and me, is bound to repeat (because, it's mere possibility makes it probable that it will occur again). 

Now, we have justified the fact that rebirth is possible, as "the process of being born" is already happening and it serves as our perfect evidence; I.e.., people are being born everyday, thus it is fitting to assume that they will be born again, in a different point in space-time. So, it could be tiring to know that we will have nearly an infinite amount of years to wait after death, before being reborn. We don't have to worry about that. Because, we are already dead, in a different frame of reference.

According to the theory of relativity, it is possible to slow-down the time of an object simply by accelerating to near speed of light. Thus the possibility that certain objects or frames of reference experience less amount of time compared to a different frame of reference is shown. Now let's conduct a small thought experiment. Let's say Aliens have decided to visit our Earth. Assume that a year for the Alien is equivalent to a second for us. Thus, the Aliens who have come down to the Earth will look around and claim that the planet Earth contains no life on it! This is because, to prove a human is alive, the human's heart must be beating. But These Aliens will conclude that the people living on the planet Earth are just statues. As their hearts won't be beating (which will take at-least 4 months in the Alien's time-scale to finish nearly one beat), and their neurons won't be active. Humans will just seem to be dead.

The above thought experiment shows that, though we are "alive" for over a second, when we fraction down that time by a million or a billion and observe ourselves, we will actually observe ourselves being dead. None of our organs, electrical impulses in the brain, the blood flow, will be functioning. Thus, death is relative. If you observe a person or an animal moving near to the speed of light, you will have all the medical signs to conclude that they are dead. Because, when they travel at the speed of light, their time and thus every movement will be slowed down by a great magnitude. You will have to observe them for years to determine if they were really alive. But by biological standards, you will be using a "time measurement tool" which will be in your frame of reference. But what is interesting is, their time scale was totally different from yours, and though they may seem dead, they are very-much alive in a different frame of reference . Thus, though we are alive, we are dead when viewed at very small time intervals. Thus, though we may say we have never known death, we are witnessing it every second . So how does death feel like? It is a state of non-existence, where you won't feel any pain, happiness, sadness, anger and you won't feel even the time passing by. Thus, even a trillion years (or even infinite years) will pass by instantly, and your next instance of realization will be when you resume functionality and realization or when you are born.

This is the furthest I could go, by applying pure reasoning. To be honest, I want to go even further, but if I do so, I might have to depend too much on speculation, which will make me deviate from the truth. I hate it when we have limits that cannot be exceeded.     

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